Customs Clearance Broker Services

Customs Clearance Services
Trust Giantas European Transport in Greece, the leading customs clearance broker for smooth cargo import and export with no delays.

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Customs Clearance Services

Customs Clearance Customs Broker Customs Clearance Services in Greece

At GIANTAS SPEDITION we not only undertake cargo import and export but we also provide customs clearance broker services, making sure that everything concerning transport of your goods has been dealt with by the time they are delivered to their end destination.

GIANTAS is a leading customs clearance broker providing key services when it comes to cargo import and export, including customs clearance, such as arranging all required paperwork and licences guaranteeing minimization of delays saving time and money.

Mr Stamatis Hatzigiannis has 23 years of experience and is in charge for the clearance departments. He undertakes and conducts any clearance procedure with absolute consistency and responsibility, from parcels to cargo in a container or a truck.

You may contact him directly at +30 693 232-4014

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