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A wide variety of transport services provided with great efficiency and professionalism.

Giantas Spedition is a European transport company providing top quality transport services and moving services throughout Greece, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland (Netherlands), Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia & Italy.

With 30 years of experience in air and sea transport forwarding, European removals (moving services), shipping services and customs clearance (customs brokerage), we have the knowledge and ability to offer an array of services at most competitive rates ensuring reliability and flexibility in transports.

GIANTAS SPEDITION provides the following services:

European Removals (moving services)

Your Team of Movers and Packers in Europe
Do you want
  • the most reliable and safest removal of your belongings in Europe?
  • your moving in to be taken care of by a team with many years of experience in removals?

* Our team of packers is fluent in English, German and Greek.


Find your NEW home or office, READY just like you left the old one!


  • all furniture and cartons unpacked
  • furniture assembled and positioned
  • electrical appliances and lamps installed
  • even your paintings will be mounted, if you wish.


  • Special packing
  • Assistance with loading and unloading
  • Storage
Special Transports

We provide expert advice regarding your special transport, based on your particular needs, ensuring safe and secure shipment.


Apart from the standard transport insurance, we also offer special cargo and freight insurance packages that satisfy your specific requirements.